Located in the heart of the Bentonville cultural explosion, THRIVE is a living experience unlike any other. With instant access to some of the finest culinary, art, theatre, music and shopping activities available in Northwest Arkansas, the THRIVE experience extends far beyond four walls. What we offer is a unique opportunity to be a connected and active participant in a budding community. Simply put, we create experiences that are designed for life, making it easier than ever for you to LIVE INSPIRED.


Located in the heart of downtown Bentonville, THRIVE offers inspiration around nearly every corner, making for a living experience truly designed for life. What we offer is a unique opportunity to be a connected and active participant in a budding community.

Traditions at Mid Rivers was built to be sleek, modern, and with a thick Southern drawl. And we like it that way. Settled in the vibrant and growing town of Cottleville, Missouri, this development offers instant access to the best dining, entertainment and so much more. In short, Traditions is Southern living perfected.


With access to the best dining, entertainment, and so much more. Traditions at Mid Rivers is truly Southern living perfected.

Building Thriving Cultures on foundations of Heritage Values.

At ERC our business has been built around the simple notion that we build more than satisfactory shelter. Instead we build places people want to call home. We also believe that it’s our responsibility to be good neighbors by adding value to the communities where we invest. So you will find ERC Neighborhoods in places that are thriving, growing, brimming with culture, and emerging by the minute. Speaking of culture, we are drawn to projects that virtually demand that we speak their language. We love local color and only want to turn up the volume on the diverse voices found in our neighborhoods. Because of this, we’re constantly looking for ways to stand out as partners that thoughtfully support-and enhance-our communities in sometimes long overlooked and often.


"It's not just a home you're getting, it's a community and a lifestyle."